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Client love...

"Thank you! I knew it would be fun and helpful, but it was so much more than I imagined. I feel like I have a new closet! "

“I am getting ready way faster and

feel like I have so many great options!”

"Emily is amazing!

She helped me build a foundation

for my wardrobe and I would have

spent so much more

and ended up with so much

less had I tried to do it on my own!"

Closet Curation

From your current closet, we’ll sort saves from the purge pile.

We’ll set aside keepers, & items for tailoring, consigning or donations.

I provide honest feedback about what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Together, we’ll identify key pieces in your wardrobe that will work to create looks for your lifestyle,

and create a list of items that would round out your wardrobe. (2-3 hours)

$300 (Up to 3 hours, $50 each additional hour)

Wardrobe Refresh

Includes consultation, Closet Curation (2-3 hours), Personal Shopping (2-3 hours) & In-Home Styling (2-3 hours) 

Step 1: Closet Curation  We’ll start in your closet, sorting the “keepers”, those in need of tailoring, and purging items that need to go. We’ll determine the additional pieces needed to round out your wardrobe.

Step 2: Personal Shopping  I’ll create a personal shopping agenda to achieve your goals. Then, we’ll shop together for the best finds to suit your wardrobe, or for an additional fee, I will shop for you and bring it to your home (keep what works and I’ll bring back the rest!) Online shopping services are also available.

Step 3:  Style Update   It all comes together. We will return to your closet and mix the new with your old favorites to create head-to-toe looks. We’ll mix in accessories to maximize your wardrobe. 

Digital photos will document each outfit, so you can easily recreate them.

I will also prepare a personalized mood board for future reference.

$825 ($50 each additional hour)

Style Update

The cure for the “closetful of clothes and nothing to wear” conundrum!

I'll create 15-20 head to toe outfits by “shopping” your existing wardrobe.

Digital photos will document each outfit. (2-3 hours)

$325 ($50 each additional hour)

Personal Shopping

Based on your goals and budget, I’ll pre-shop for you, so all you do is find yourself in a dressing room filled with great finds! If you don't have the time or interest, I’ll bring it to you for an additional fee. Try items on in the comfort of your own closet and I’ll make the returns.

I’ll guide you in integrating your new items into your wardrobe.

$100 hourly (not including pre-shopping)

Special Occasion Styling

Styling and shopping services for special events including parties, fashion shows, photo shoots, vacations, presentations, interviews, television appearances, and any other occasion you have on your calendar.

We can style existing pieces from your wardrobe or find something new. 

$100 hourly

Online Wardrobe Refresher

Share your budget and needs and I’ll send it to your inbox. You’ll receive 30 mix-and-match pieces, including everything from earrings to shoes to round out your wardrobe. I'll style10 head-to-toe looks from your new pieces. 


Online Sourcing

Share your need...anything from the perfect black blazer to a perfect pair of jeans and I'll send you three options for each, or upload them to Pinterest for future reference.

$30 per item request (3 options)

Personal Styling

Your stylist for every season. We will discuss your personal styling needs and I’ll create a personal styling package specific for your needs. Annual and monthly packages are available. Contact Emily for further details or to set up a complimentary meeting.

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Weft & Warp Wardrobe experiences begin with a complimentary 30-minute consultation to discuss your personal style, how you feel about your closet today, and goals you wish to accomplish. Following your consultation, I'll create a custom strategy for you.

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