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It’s inside out. I love the feeling I get when I help people, from simplifying hectic mornings to creating the perfect head-to-toe look for special occasions. I love working with clients to bring out their personal style, and bring it to their wardrobes and their homes. Always with kindness, never judgement.

Weft & Warp Styling was launched after a few nudges from dear friends, a husband who believes in me, and a desire to create. Channeling some important lessons from my grandmother, I left a beloved career in the non-profit world to pursue this creative passion.

Grandma Grace left people wanting more of her. She owned the attention of a classroom of teenagers rehearsing Show Choir choreography. Decades before Glee, it was cool. It was the talent inside her, yes. But the style she embodied, inside and out, didn’t hurt either. She was my stylist. We kicked around the mall & the only boutique in a 100-mile radius. Each date ended with fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and French silk pie. In the smoking section. 

She shared her memories of the strong Scandinavian women who worked in fields, cooked fruit soup, and created tapestries that could be passed down for generations. She loved making me feel special, and I’ll always treasure the memory of that feeling. If I could bottle it, I would. I love passing that on.  It’s too good not to share.

Weft & Warp Styling marries my drive to help people, do good through good work through my partnership with Ready for Success. Engaging creativity doesn't hurt, either. 

In weaving, weft and warp refer to the two sets of thread that are woven together to produce fabric. Grandma Grace’s mother was a tapestry weaver in Norway. As was her mother.

Hence, Weft & Warp Styling.

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